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Why NOW? Democracy: Leaders Should Be Elected

Young Feminists

Source: Mother Jones

Are you as angry about the Presidential election as us? It's yet another reason we believe in democracy. We should be able to elect our leaders -- whether it's for the Oval Office or the organizations we volunteer with.

NOW is the ONLY membership-led, completely democratic, national, multi-issue feminist organization in the U.S. 

As the grassroots arm of the women's rights movement, NOW members decide on everything from who the officers are to the issues the organization will focus on. 

There are hundreds of great organizations working on gender equality in the U.S., but no other organization is completely democratic, which allows underrepresented groups--like women of color, immigrant women, and young women--to run for and win leadership positions.

Our purpose is to help bring young women, men, trans and gender nonconforming folks into activism and give a greater voice to youth, who feel underrepresented at times. We also want to work with our allies to foster intergenerational and intersectional exchanges. We want feminists of ALL AGES to join us.

If you support democracy, join us!

Event Recap: March For Racial Justice NYC

Young Feminists

We were a proud co-sponsor of the March for Racial Justice, NYC. We gathered under the Brooklyn Bridge for a rally led by Linda Sarsour, Tamika D. Mallory and Carmen Perez of The Women’s March. The cars above honked in agreement, including construction workers who met our chants for ending racism and patriarchy. Afterward, we marched over the Brooklyn Bridge to gather around City Hall in downtown Manhattan for a final rally and calls for action.

From photographer Erik McGregor:

"A coalition of grassroots organizers led the March for Racial Justice in New York City on October 1, 2017. This multi-community movement organized the march to bring people together to begin the work necessary to change laws, policies, and practices steeped in racism."

Future is Female Conference by High School Feminists in MI

Young Feminists

Club President Ashika Kumar writes below:

The Skyline High School Chapter of NOW had their Future is Female Conference on May 20th. As the President and Founder of this event, I was extremely proud of the turnout. Speakers included Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and State Representatives Yousef Rabhi and Donna Lasinski. In addition, high school students like myself presented on panels. This event could not have been possible without the current NOW Michigan President, Nina Muckenthaler. One hundred and forty four people attended this event and we received a lot of positive reactions! It is amazing to see how a group of teenagers can organize a great conference. It is important that adults hear feminism through the perspective of the youth. That was our mission and we delivered it! Everyone who was there was so supportive and wanted to hear what we have to say. The biggest takeaway for myself and the group was, when a group of feminists put our mind to something, we can achieve anything!

Jeffrey Craig Lunnen

Young Feminists

Between Madison and Milwaukee, WI

Bilingual digital communications and marketing professional at an award-winning agency. Hands-on public health experience in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Turkey and Uganda.

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