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Feminist Force Field (FFF)

Young Feminists

What is a Feminist Force Field (FFF)? It’s a loving and protective barrier our members have created around each other. We support each other in person, on email, via text and any other way necessary.

We have a joint document where we compliment each other, and encourage each other to write down kind words from other people.

We remind each other that we’re not the ones who need fixing when society tells us we’re overreacting to hate. Society needs to change its sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, adultism, classism, ableism and all the other isms.

But our members do more than just support each other. We also challenge each other to be our very best. We educate each other on the explicit and implicit biases society suffocates us with. We continuously create a loving and safe space. President Jerin Arifa pictures the members forming a physical barrier around her, when she needs extra support. Try it for yourself!

Join Us, so we can extend our FFF to you!