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Micah Bochart

Young Feminists

Originally from Alaska, Micah was raised by feminist parents who wanted to live off the grid. Until his teenage years, his family lived without running water or electricity. Growing up in a town with less than 2,000 inhabitants, Micah wanted to do the most adventurous thing possible -- move to New York City. He is the author of “Companions of the Garden,” a soon-to-be published novel on gender conflict and Islamophobia in America. Micah is a former New York State NOW - Young Feminist Task Force member, which evolved into the inaugural virtual chapter of NOW. At the 2012 National NOW conference, Micah moderated a workshop, "Using Interactive Theater to Educate about Domestic Violence." During the 2011 National NOW Conference, he presented on “Raising The Bar For Feminist Men: Promoting Equality In Relationships,” and "Engaging and Mentoring a New Generation of Feminists." He was a featured speaker at Suffolk County NOW on the Violence Against Women Act and Islam. Micah produced and hosted FurtherEd TV, a program whose mission was to deliver knowledge to inspire change. He has utilized this platform to further the feminist agenda, such as interviewing Rita Henley Jensen of Women's eNews. When not working as Video Producer and Editor, you can find him running marathons or accompanying his partner Jerin on adventures around the country.