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What Is Feminism? High School Feminists Answer from MI

Young Feminists

Club President Ashika Kumar asked some of the members of the NOW club at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, about what feminism means to them, and what within feminism are they most passionate about?

“Feminism is standing up for the equality of all sexes. That women should not be oppressed based on something they can’t control--their gender. Within feminism, I am the most passionate about young feminism, equal pay, and ending body shaming. As a young feminist, people often don’t think we can make a difference and I’m being a true feminist to prove them wrong.” Ashika Kumar: President and Founder of the student chapter of the NOW club at Skyline High School

“Feminism is about reforming the sexist system that oppresses women and hurts people of all genders. Within feminism, I’m passionate about intersectionality. “White Feminism” is shameful and embarrassing, and feminism must address racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other social problems that affect women and people everywhere.” Catherine Small

“Feminism means equality, justice, and respect. It means that everyone is given the same chances and the same opportunities no matter their gender, race, sex, or sexual orientation. I am passionate about so many things within feminism. Mostly about slut shaming and increasing respect for women. We have been disrespected by men in power one too many times. It is time for things to change.” Isabella Preissle

“Feminism to me is based on respect. Respecting gender, sexuality, race, and mental illness that affect people all over the world.” Brooke Fisher

“To me, feminism means that girls should grow up knowing that they can do anything. I am most passionate about sexual assault awareness.” Anna Azim

“To me, feminism means equal rights for yourself and everyone else. No matter what your gender is, everyone should have equal rights and opportunity to everything. The thing I am most passionate about in feminism is equal pay and the equal opportunity to work the same jobs as men.” Neethi Kheterpal

“To me, feminism means equality for all genders and races. I am most passionate about body rights.” Marlie Libs

“Feminism to me is a common bond between humans wanting equality between all genders. I am most passionate about women having rights over their own body.” Katie Kowal

“In my opinion, feminism means equal opportunity for all. I am most passionate about women's reproductive rights.” Claudia Lozon

“Feminism to me is standing up against injustices in society and helping other women who aren't as fortunate as me. Feminism is fighting for equality. I am very passionate about sexual assault and the exploitation of women in the media. Also body shaming and slut shaming.” Sophie Erns