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High School & College Chapters

A small sample of past and present members.

High School and College Chapters

Please find below just a few of the many high school and college feminist chapters of NOW. Please check back as we update information.

Canyon Crest Academy’s Youth Chapter of NOW

San Diego, CA

Canyon Crest Academy’s youth chapter of NOW was started in the 2016-2017 school year as a high school club dedicated the cause of feminism. Our club’s goal is “to further the cause of gender equality and related social justice issues by participating in the National Organization for Women and enacting change at both the school level and beyond.” We work with our peers, school faculty, other groups on campus, and NOW leaders to help achieve this goal. During our first year on campus, CCA NOW aims to raise awareness of current issues impacting women and to encourage our school community to create change that combats these issues. CCA NOW welcomes students and faculty members of all backgrounds to participate in our club in order to educate and empower themselves against discrimination and injustice.


Michigan Skyline High School NOW Club

Ann Arbor, MI

Students at Skyline High School founded the Skyline High School Chapter of NOW in 2017 following the 2016 presidential election, when the lack of gender equality in the country became crystal clear. We are thrilled that our club is one of the most popular clubs in the history of the high school. With so many people who are passionate about the same topic, we have developed a family within our school! We are especially proud of this achievement, as high school environments in general can feel unsupportive for some. Our club’s mission is to empower women’s roles and status in the United States. By being a part of NOW, we have the platform to achieve our mission! In our first year, we are working on hosting a local conference to bring awareness to how young feminists think about the world and our plans to further feminism. Our club brings awareness of the accomplishments of women who work toward gender equality.



La Sienne Gender Project

China, the U.S., and Spain

La Sienne Gender Project is a high school gender equality club association and online platform. La Sienne has recruited 120 members across 8 countries and over 40 schools. It helped set up 6 new high school gender equality clubs in 3 different countries: China, the U.S., and Spain. It offers a variety of activities both online and in real life to promote gender equality awareness amongst high school students.


NOW Club, UHS (University High School Chapter)


NOW Club was founded as a reaction to the results of the 2016 -presidential election. While both sponsors were not in the optimum time in their lives to begin a club (Mrs. Pickus is expecting her first child and Mrs. McKerley is completing her master’s work this April), the students made it clear that they wanted and needed to do something—to activate. The purpose of our club is to enhance the status of women in the United States and around the world through many strategies, including advocacy and education. As sponsors of University High School’s chapter of NOW, we seek to educate curious students about the progression of feminism throughout history and teach about ways to function as active feminists in today’s society. We are passionate about community service and helping our students realize that we can strive to achieve gender equality within our own community. We are dedicated to the empowerment and success of all women.