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Action Alert: Fix the bill! Health Care events this week


You've heard a million times that the public option is dead. But in fact, it's alive -- in the bill passed by the House on November 6th.
Right now, the Senate is trying to pass its Health Care bill. And while it might not be as strong as the bill from the House, it's not the end of the story.
Once the Senate bill finally does pass, leaders from both houses will meet to draft a final version that merges the two. And that's where the public option comes back--if you're willing to fight for it.
If the Senate doesn't pass a bill, we risk losing the chance to pass real reform – and with that the chance to insure tens of millions more Americans. We can't give up on the fight now. This is where you come in.
Below are steps everyone can take to ensure a REAL reform of our health care system. This is the final push for Obama, our new Democratic Congress, and Americans who want to better their quality of life. Let's stand together for change!


Monday, December 21, from 7-9 pm
NYCforChange Teach-in with Tim Foley
Committee of Interns and Residents, 520 Eighth Avenue, 12th Floor (between W. 36th & 37th)
What's in the House and Senate bills? What's our strategy and the latest news? RSVP here or on MyBo


Attend HCAN's "Make the Road Rally for Reform," TODAY, Fri. Dec. 18th. New Yorkers will meet at 11 AM on Vesey and Church Streets, adjacent to WTC site. The rally is at 12 PM at Exchange Place Pier, "J. Owen Grundy Park," 10 Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ. RSVP: rebecca.telzak@maketheroadny.org or 347-512-9073.


Demand that they pass health care reform. If the Senate doesn't pass a bill, nothing can get fixed in the combined bill!
Senator Schumer: (212) 486-4430
Senator Gillibrand: (212) 688-6262


Demand they fix the bill once it reaches conference committee in the New Year.
House of Representatives: (877) 264-4226
Most House members will be here next week in their NYC offices. Drop by with a personal letter! To find your local Member, click here
To host a phonebank, email Geoff at OFA at organizingforamerica.ny@gmail.com.
Thanks for all you do!
-- the nycforchange team
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