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Blood On Their Hands: Catholic bishops


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Blood On Their Hands 
Marilyn & Casey
Enough is enough.  Here's the short of it. Thirty-three years ago, in 1976, poor women lost some their reproductive autonomy when the Hyde Amendment banned Federal funding for abortion. Many women have died as a result of that Amendment but we have endured it for some time now, I know not why. Now, under the new Health Care Proposal being argued, certain Senators wish to include Congress's Stupak language, expanding Hyde into banning abortion insurance coverage, even for women using their own private funds.
However, what many are missing, is that it is the Catholic Conference of Bishops who are clamoring for women to lose their reproductive autonomy. These Bishops actually stayed up all night in Congress last week using their persuasive invasive techniques against our elected officials. And they will certainly be there doing the same thing as the Senate takes up the discussion this week.
It must be noted that the Catholic religion is seated in the Vatican, which is a recognized foreign government. Therefore, what we have is a foreign government imposing its ideology upon American women of all faiths. Yes, the Vatican is dictating their views to the government of our United States as to what women's lives and reproductive autonomy are worth. Why there isn't an uproar against the Catholic Church by our elected officials and by all women's organizations baffles me? For some inexplicable reason everyone seems to fear the Catholics even though of late they themselves have not been such shining examples of morality.
I recall about ten years ago I was told by my Catholic representative in Congress that he couldn't possible vote pro-choice because his religion forbade him to do so.  When I repeated his statement publicly the news media in New York including The New York Times and Newsday blasted me as being "Anti-Catholic." Guess what, I survived, and so will everyone who stands up to this anti-choice, anti-woman religion. So let's hear it from everyone. Tell the Vatican to stay out of our bedrooms. And, tell our elected officials to stop being afraid to take on the Vatican for they also will survive.

I'm not Anti-Catholic, I am anti-any-religious sect imposing and forcing its decrees on people in my country. I could care less what they do in the Vatican and wish they would not be so concerned with undermining our democracy. We have included in our Constitution a First Amendment assuring separation of church and state.

The truth about this Roman Catholic Hierarchy is that they cause death, forcing thousands of women to die of back-street abortions worldwide each year. As the song says, "These White Men In Black Dresses have blood on their hands." When will this end?

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