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February 24th, 2010: Short and Savory Womens Film Festival


The Short and Savory Film Festival was created to showcase women's film in the New York City area.

  • The submission deadline is January 1st, 2010.
  • Festivals winners will be announced on January 21st, 2010.
  • The festival will take place February 24th, 2010.
Festival Details
Short and Savory: A (mini) Festival of Short Films by Women Directors

In the age of the blockbuster, or even the heavily-backed “indie,” short films have been marginalized and are rarely seen outside specialized festivals and then only by “film buffs.” Yet the genre has a long and respected history: the Academy of Motion Pictures still gives awards for short films and graduate programs in film offer courses in the craft and art of “the short.” Short films tend to be far more idiosyncratic and “risky” than the standard commercial fare offered at multiplexes, and screened on even the Sundance channel — and for this reason often are of great interest for students interested in film and media in general.

This mini-festival will invite submissions from New York -area women filmmakers (several area filmmakers have already expressed great interest in participating in such a festival). The invitation to will encourage submissions from filmmakers addressing social issues (globalization, economic disadvantage, work, gender relations, power, etc.) that are of particular interest York’s urban, culturally-diverse student body. The decision to limit the festival to women filmmakers is informed by the structural inequity present in the film industry, and contemporary American society, that restricts the venues available for women to show and discuss their work. The submissions will then be evaluated by a panel of York faculty.

The directors of the top five films will then be invited to screen and discuss their work at York on Feb 24th, 2010 in the Little Theatre. The festival will also feature two short films directed by student members of York’s Fourth Floor Productions (the student club of the Communication Technology department). Students from the departments of Behavioral Sciences and Communications Technology and the and Women’s Studies Programs will participate in publicizing and organizing the conference.

Festival Rules and Deadline

The submission deadline is January 1st, 2010. Festivals winners will be announced on January 21st, 2010. The festival will take place February 24th, 2010.

Four winners will be chosen to receive an award of $250.00. Their work will also be showcased at the festival.

Only films from women directors are accepted. There will be four films selected for presentation: two fiction and two documentary. The only restriction that we have is that you keep the run time down to 15 minutes

We only accept DVD as preview format. Please do not send your master tapes to us and label the preview copies clearly with title and contact address.

Short and Savory Film Festival
c/o York College Television Studio
94-20 Guy R. Brewer Blvd
Jamaica, NY 11451

Download the Submission Form (Direct PDF Download Link)