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FREE $4.50 MetroCard: Participate in Focus Group on Subway Safety!


New Yorkers for Safe Transit

Do you feel safe riding NYC's public transit system? Give yourself and
others a voice, by sharing your mass transit experiences.

In mid-January, 2010, New Yorkers for Safe Transit (NYFST) will be hosting
two focus groups for survivors of gender- and discrimination-based violence
and harassment on New York City's public transportation system.

We're seeking focus group participants for two 2 hour sessions (6pm-8pm)
. We
are interested in hearing first-hand accounts from women, people of color,
LGBTQGNC individuals, youth, and low-income individuals from across the
city, especially those who live in the outer boroughs.

With your help, we will be able to raise public awareness on this issue and
continue progress towards eliminating harassment and violence on mass

Please spread the word and contact us to sign up for more information on
dates and location. Please contact Kat Noel, Community Organizer at
kat@nyfst.org or 718-522-0822.

Light refreshments will be served and $4.50 MetroCards will be provided.

New Yorkers for Safe Transit is the only coalition dedicated to eliminating
sexual assault and hate violence, particularly gender- or
discrimination-based, within NYC's public transit system. For more
information about our work, please visit www.nyfst.org.