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From Twitter 12-28-2009


  • 03:09:25: From Twitter 12-27-2009: 03:08:50: From Twitter 12-26-2009: 03:08:41: From Twitter 12-25-2009: 03:10:38: From Twitt... http://bit.ly/75xnLM
  • 15:44:59: Guantanamo Bay Tortured prisoner released, but Times doesn't mention torture: From the Desk of Debra Sweet, Di... http://bit.ly/5VhgZJ
  • 15:46:04: Ugandan Lawmakers Set to Vote on Marriage, Divorce: Covering Women's Issues - Changing Women's Lives ... http://bit.ly/7WuogS
  • 15:52:59: Thanks for the RTs @GrimTweets @Off_And_Running @RaysFreedomHash @NYCprochoiceMD @melissa_djohnst @PoliticalBee
  • 15:53:10: RT @PShiftNYC: NARAL's President Kelli Conlin on HuffPo about DontDropTheBall campaign: http://fb.me/4d2rwQg
  • 15:53:39: RT @ProChoiceGal: The "fetal personhood" argument is just an attempt made by #ProLife to distract from the fact that women ARE persons. ...
  • 15:53:42: RT @RayBeckerman: Actionable Steps to Building a Sustainable Business http://bit.ly/4QPcQT
  • 15:53:49: RT @ProChoiceGal: "Life begins at conception" is a moot point.No living thing has the right to reside within a person's body w/o consent ...
  • 15:53:57: RT @shiratarrant: 2 million for Net Neutrality! Sign here to protect Internet freedom: http://bit.ly/4qMVWI #netneutrality (via @freepress)
  • 16:27:37: Call for Women of Color Institute Workshop and Plenary Proposals: Topic:National Call to Action Institute and Confe... http://bit.ly/8jkCZo

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