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Major Abortion Restrictions Voted Into Senate Bill--Take Action NOW


"Compromise" on Abortion Coverage Unacceptable Call Your Senators NOW!

NOW-NYC stands firmly against the proposed "compromise" on abortion coverage.
The latest compromise, a Manager's Amendment proposed by Senator Harry Reid has already been voted into the final bill (along party lines 60-39) and will impose the greatest restrictions on abortion access in a generation.  The Manager's Amendment passed this morning.

The restrictions in the Manager's Amendment will:

1)  Essentially allow states to implement Stupak:  States can decide to BAN abortion coverage on the health exchanges in their state. 
This means that poor women and any women who need to purchase insurance on the exchange in conservative states will not be able to get coverage for abortion.  Since most Americans will be required to buy insurance, this also means that women will be forced to pay for insurance that does not cover all of their health care needs.

2)  Force women to write separate checks to pay for abortion coverage.  This is discriminatory, creates a stigma around abortion, poses privacy issues, and will result in many women not obtaining coverage, since women do not plan to have an abortion.  Furthermore, it is questionable how the cost difference between genders would be eliminated if women are writing separate checks for abortion coverage. 

3)  Throw into question whether or not insurance companies will cover abortion at all. The patchwork of regulations and the big administrative burdens placed on insurance companies that cover abortion could result in a total loss of insurance coverage for abortion.  
We need you to call your Senators TODAY.  Please forward to your friends in other states and ask them to call their Senators, too.  Let them know that you are outraged that health care reform is moving forward at the expense of women's health and lives.

For NY:  Senator Gillibrand
202-224-4451| Senator Schumer 202-224-6542

Send Email/Take Action From Any State

Ask your Senators to VOTE NO on any bill that contains the restrictions imposed by the Manager's Amendment NOW!  We also need you to call your representatives in the House and the White House.  After passing the Senate, the House and Senate bills need to be united in negotiations.  Our leaders need to hear that we will not accept a bill that imposes sweeping restrictions on women's health care needs.

White House 
202-456-1111Write My Congressperson  202-224-3121