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Will Stupak Come Back?


The National Organization for Women

Will Stupak Come Back?

We Need Your Help -- This Fight Isn't Over!
Donate today!
We did it!
Yesterday the U.S. Senate beat back the most dangerous anti-abortion legislation in decades.
A solid majority of 54 senators voted to table and effectively defeat the Nelson-Hatch Amendment to the Senate's health insurance reform bill. This amendment was virtually identical to the Stupak-Pitts Amendment which did pass in the House of Representatives. Both provisions would extend the Hyde Amendment's already shameful restrictions on abortion care funding.
I know you join me not only in celebrating this victory, but in congratulating the senators who, after hearing from outraged reproductive rights supporters like you, voted to stand up to the anti-abortion lobby. But the fight isn't over -- and we need your help NOW to maintain this momentum. Will you donate today to help us make sure that nothing resembling Nelson-Hatch is put back in the final version of this legislation?
The so-called moderate Democrats, led by Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, will be pressing for a further "compromise" in the final bill brought to the Senate floor by the leadership. Right now, you can be sure that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is quietly considering a concession to get Senator Nelson on board. We can't allow this kind of back-room scheming to expand the Hyde Amendment, making the current bad situation for women's reproductive health even worse. We urgently need your support today.
Don't stop fighting now -- we must hold on to the victory we won yesterday! That, I'm afraid, is far from a certainty today.
For women's lives,
Terry O'Neill, NOW President
P.S. Donations of any size will greatly help to ensure this horrific abortion funding ban goes no farther. We need your support today.