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24 hours to add your name to ask SuperPages.com and YellowPages.com, to take down all misleading CPC ads


June 2010  

An Ad No Woman Should See
Anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs) do whatever it takes to block women from choosing abortion.

Many even stoop to advertising under "abortion services" and "abortion clinics" in popular online search directories. Let's be clear: CPCs do not provide abortion care.

We're calling on two of the biggest search directories, SuperPages.com and YellowPages.com, to take down all misleading CPC ads. Add your name to our letter by June 30 so you can be part of our delivery!

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SHAME: Operation Rescue's Expansion Plan
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Every day, untold numbers of women facing an unintended pregnancy turn to "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs).

The trouble is that many CPCs pose as legitimate health clinics but push an anti-choice agenda to block women from choosing abortion.

I got to see firsthand what goes on inside a CPC in the new documentary, "12th and Delaware." The lies, the guilt trips, the manipulation. It is unspeakable.

Hear what some of our supporters said about the film.

CPCs outnumber legitimate health centers by a 5-1 margin. Chances are one of these anti-choice fake clinics will deceive a woman you care about.

But there is something you can do. Be sure to take action this month on our campaign and see "12th and Delaware" when it airs on HBO on August 2.

My best,
Nancy Keenan
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America


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33,041: The number of people who signed onto our letter to SuperPages.com and YellowPages.com. Thank you!
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