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Stop Pres Obama & His Administration from an All-Out Attack on Choice


Take Action!

Explanation from NOW-NYC:
Obama Administration Goes Too Far

According to a recent statement by the Obama Administration, women who need to purchase "high-risk" pool insurance plans will not have access to insurance coverage for abortion.  These plans will cover individuals with pre-existing conditions until the health exchanges are established in 2014.

This means that for the next three years, women with health problems such as diabetes or breast cancer--the women most likely to have pregnancy complications--will be denied insurance coverage for abortion.  Women enrolled in these plans will not even be able to use their own funds to cover abortion through their plans.

This policy takes away abortion insurance coverage for those women who are likely to need it most. Pro-choice activists helped defeat Stupak from being passed in Congress, but now the White House is establishing a Stupak-like policy for the "high-risk" pools, going even further than the Nelson compromise that was passed in the health care reform bill. 

Act NOW to tell the "Pro-Choice" White House that this is unacceptable! 
President Obama (202) 456-1111

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (877) 696-6775

Get More Info and a Sample Letter Here 
From NOW NY State:
During the 2008 Presidential campaign, NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas warned ad nauseam that Obama was not to be trusted on the abortion choice issue. Pappas repeatedly explained that Obama's Illinois senatorial record was "at best shaky on choice. And Vice President Joe Biden also had a bad record on choice. Women and progressive men must finally realize that 'Democrat' is not synonymous with 'pro-choice.'" 
But In spite of Pappas' alarm, pro choice women and progressive men were fooled by Obama's rhetoric. In a recent interview Pappas remarked: "I believe Hillary Clinton would never have allowed this to happen. She understands that a woman's fundamental right to make decisions about her own body is paramount. As a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton, I continued to cast my vote for her throughout the election process, to the end. Obama was never fully on board for choice; and I was never fooled by his hypocrisy. It saddened me that others were so easily swayed. America lost its chance to have a great leader; and women will suffer the consequences."   
Pappas continued: "For example, this new burden will endanger women for whom pregnancy is extremely dangerous because of pre-existing medical conditions like breast cancer, diabetes, or AIDS. For such women, abortion coverage will be totally prohibited. How many more of these assaults can women take?"
Pappas concluded: "It is time for everyone who cares about women's health to stand up and be counted. NOW-NYS is asking you to take action today. Tell Obama he cannot allow this to happen. Women's  lives are worth more than this. This decision can only be seen as a trade for something else that  Obama wants. Those who supported Obama should be outraged by this recent move to restrict American women from getting the health care they need." 

Help us fight back!  We will not go back! Please donate to NOW-NYS to help us do the work that is needed to protect women's health care.  Without your financial help, we will never win this fight for equality!
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