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BRIEF: Pelosi stands strong; Women voters unenthused; Sisterly help among Dems



MsRepresentation DAILY BRIEF: October 26, 2010

Please enjoy this digestible overview of important women and politics news - part of WCF's MsRepresentation project for the 2010 elections.

Pelosi to Women: We Intend to Win For You

In an exclusive conference call, Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Rosa DeLauro talk about the vital issues facing women this election year. Pelosi summed it up perfectly when saying, "It is impossible to exaggerate what's at stake for women in this election." Jill Miller Zimon has the details.

Are Female Voters Tuned Out This Cycle?

In a recent CNN poll, 23 percent of women polled described themselves as "extremely enthusiastic" about voting in the upcoming elections, compared with 38 percent of men. Sara Gould and Susan Wefald examine this enthusiasm gender gap, especially considering the record-breaking number of women running for office this year.

Does Being a Mother Make You a Better Politician?

Candidate for OK Governor Mary Fallin (R), says yes. But mom, writer, and politico Jodi Jacobson thinks otherwise - and points out the oddity of this debate, since motherhood has historically been used against women.

Pelosi: Bring It On

Politics Daily's Melinda Hennenberger interviewed Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who relishes the fact that her critics are attacking her, saying it only proves she is formidable and effective. Best Pelosi quote: "You didn't come here to be in a popularity contest, you came here to get a job done. If I were not effective they wouldn't care about me."

Signs Point To Women Political Leaders in Times of Crisis

With more evidence that women innately deal better with crisis, some are asking, Is A Bad Economy Good For Women Politicians? Jill examines the question.

Are the Women Candidates in the Spotlight a Punchline?

Syndicated columnist Mary Sanchez expresses her frustration over the visibility of candidates like Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle: "As a woman, I'm embarrassed. This is not what women suffragists envisioned a century ago. Frankly, we women haven't come far enough politically to have flakes soaking up our share of the political limelight."

Female Dems Stump for Sisters in Tight Races

With many Democratic female incumbents facing a dead heat in the polls, many of their peers are campaigning alongside them. Jessica Brady of CQ reports: "Given that Pelosi made history just three years ago by becoming the first female Speaker, [Rep. Jan] Schakowsky said the desire among female Members to help their colleagues this year feels even more urgent."

Does Gender Trump Ideology for Women Voters?

No, says the Los Angeles Times–or at least not for women voters in California, where three of the four major party nominees in the governor's and US Senate race are women. Key quote: "All told, the results of both surveys confirmed that ideology, not gender, is directing the vote in this tumultuous campaign season."

Carnahan Touts Her Appeal Among Indies, GOPers (VIDEO)

Missouri Sen. Candidate Robin Carnahan cites 5 reasons she is closing the gap in Missouri by appealing across party lines, including her opposition to earmarks and accountability for banks who took bailout monies. Non-Dems talk about why they support her on Republicans for Carnahan

Transgender Candidates Making Their Mark

WCF-endorsed Oklahoma state legislative candidate Brittany Novotny is featured in a New York Times piece on transgender candidates who are bravely shaking things up in the 2010 cycle.

Missing in New York: Top Women Campaign Staffers

As MsRep has said before, political equality will not be achieved just by having more women run for, and win, elected office: Women must also be chosen for key appointed offices, hired as top staffers in political offices and on campaigns, and win contracts as political consultants. Unfortunately, as the NYTimes reports, the NY gubernatorial race between Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino features very few women involved at the highest levels of either campaign.

America 16th in Women's Power Quotient

According to Big Think, the U.S. ranks 16th globally on the socioeconomic gender gap.

If 2010 Is Getting You Down…

…just keep in mind that the 2012 Project, co-sponsored by the Center for American Women in Politics, already has its sights set on the next presidential cycle and making sure women–particularly those age 45 and over–are properly encouraged to run for elected office. Women's eNews' Colleen Flaherty has the details.

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