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DAILY BRIEF: Mean Girls and Man Pants; Vulnerable Incumbents; Vamos Tejas!



MsRepresentation DAILY BRIEF: October 20, 2010

Please enjoy this digestible overview of important women and politics news - part of WCF's MsRepresentation project for the 2010 elections.

Notes from the Trail [NEW FEATURE!]

The WCF staff and fellows are hard at work on the campaigns of women across the country. Today, Stephanie Tanny checks in from Austin, Texas on the Linda Chavez-Thompson campaign for Lt. Governor.

Will you support our MsRepresentation project and help Stephanie continue to consume the Tex-Mex food in Austin?

Marshall Gaining in North Carolina Senate Race

PPP's latest survey shows WCF-endorsed Senate candidate Elaine Marshall within single digits of Richard Burr (48% to 40%), a surge of six points in just a week due largely to having shored up her support with the Democratic base (up to 73% from 65% in previous poll.)

Seven WCF Incumbents on "Most Vulnerable" list by CNN

The CNN 100 list of key House races—divided into 'most vulnerable' and 'worth watching'—includes seven WCF-Endorsed most vulnerable incumbents: Ann Kirkpatrick, AZ-01; Gabrielle Giffords, AZ-08; Suzanne Kosmas, FL-24; Betsy Markey, CO-04; Debbie Halvorson, IL-11; Dina Titus, NV-03; Carol Shea-Porter, NH-01; and Mary Jo Kilroy, OH-15. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD-At Large) and Loretta Sanchez (CA-47) made the "to watch" list.

Markey Strong in Debate; Opponent Confuses Her With Ed Markey

Rep. Betsy Markey (CO-04) came out swinging in what is expected to be the only debate between her and Republican challenger Cory Gardner. Meanwhile, Gardner completely whiffed in a recent TV ad in which he criticizes Markey for a vote actually cast by Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey.

Mean Girls and Boys in Politics Should Grow Up

The commentary hasn't stopped since the barrage of schoolyard-like gender insults from multiple candidates and campaigns, from Man Pants to Witch to Cojones. In WaPo, Ruth Marcus gives her advice on avoiding gender-based bashing; and Kathleen Parker says, "sisterhood means letting women be just as dumb—and mean—as men."

The Next Hillary

Ok, nobody is the next Hillary Clinton, but the woman who took her old Senate seat has emerged as a national player. Vogue has a great profile of Kirsten Gillibrand.

Should Christine O'Donnell Be Taken Seriously?

Writing for the Women's Media Center, feminist organizer Shelby Knox says yes. But only because if elected, O'Donnell would do serious damage against women's rights - not, as Jill Miller Zimon, points out, because of her knowledge of the Constitution.

Running a Family, Running for Congress

Women's eNews reports on the women running for Congress this year who have young children at home.

New Pelosi Biography Hits Bookstores

McClatchy's Fred Smist reviews Ron Peters and Cindy Rosenthal's new book about Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Haley Losing Support of SC Conservatives

South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley, another headline-grabbing tea party favorite, is suddenly attracting unwanted headlines courtesy of disgruntled Palmetto State conservatives. "The Republican nominee for governor is corrupt," says one GOP fundraiser.

Mikulski: Women in Congress Once Viewed as Novelties

Barbara Mikulski, the first women ever elected to the U.S. Senate in her own right, waxes philosophically in Esquire about the state of Congress and the role of women in it. Best quote: "I was one of the original congresswomen who came in during the seventies. We were a little band of sisters, viewed as novelties and novices. Now we're viewed as powerhouses."

Virgina Thomas Wants Anita Hill to Apologize to Justice Thomas

You may want to sit down first before reading this: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife, Ginny, has literally called upon Anita Hill to apologize for "why she did what she did" to her husband.

Republicans Want Ayotte to Take Immediate Leadership Role

If she wins in New Hampshire, Senate Republicans have big plans for Kelly Ayotte: Put her on leadership track immediately. CQ reports.

State Update: MI, TN, and TX

In Michigan, candidate for Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson releases a TV ad; in Tennessee, the two (male) candidates for governor debate women's issues in a final appeal to female voters; and in Texas, Lt. Governor candidate Linda Chavez-Thompson exhorts voters with a fantastic take on the iconic Rosie the Riveter poster, saying "Vamos Tejas!"

That's today's Brief. Thanks for reading! Since last time, Jodi analyzed Robin Carnahan's surge in the polls for Senate in MO; and Jill put her Man Pants on to lay down the rules for gender-neutral political punching.

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