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Final Countdown: One Week Left In NOW/PAC's Emergency "Adopt a Campaign"


Final Countdown: One Week Left In
NOW/PAC's Emergency "Adopt a Campaign"

It's working! In the last two weeks, scores of NOW volunteers all across the nation have "adopted a campaign." They have been calling lists of NOW members in key election states and encouraging them to give an extra push to ensure victory for NOW/PAC-endorsed candidates Lois Herr, Joe Sestak, Loretta Sanchez and Barbara Boxer.

Because feminist activists never give up, NOW/PAC is organizing one final push. We can't let our feminist candidates down as they head to the finish line. We need two dozen more callers to finish this effort, so let's roll up our sleeves one last time before the election.

Our pick for NOW/PAC's final campaign is the Senate race in North Carolina. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, a longtime champion for women's rights, is challenging conservative Republican incumbent Richard Burr. She hopes to derail his promises to repeal health reform and put an end to his consistent anti-choice voting record. Elaine can win, and NOW/PAC is determined to see that happen. When Elaine recently began her advertising campaign, she jumped up six points in the polls! Momentum is on her side as she closes the gap with Burr to a surmountable margin.

Elaine has been a feminist activist for decades. Prior to entering politics at mid-life, as many women do, she was a schoolteacher, small business owner and attorney. She represented women who were victims of domestic violence and fought for insurance coverage for mammograms and pap smears. In 1993-1994, Elaine served in the North Carolina Senate, where she provided a powerful voice for improving healthcare. In 1996 Elaine was elected Secretary of State, the first woman elected to executive statewide office in her state.

Don't live in North Carolina? No problem. If the races in your state aren't even close, you can adopt Elaine Marshall from the comfort of your home by making phone calls or donating money. And if you do live in or near North Carolina, you can go to a local campaign office and help with phone banking and door knocking.

If you're ready to give a voice to our feminist principles, volunteer for the NOW/PAC to make phone calls. Send your name and contact information (including the city and state where you live) to our NOW/PAC volunteer at patreuss@verizon.net, and you'll be sent a list to call for Elaine Marshall.

Thanks for helping to send women's rights champions to Capitol Hill! Your calls will make a difference, and we'll wake up on Nov. 3 knowing we gave our best effort!

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