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The Coming Battle Over Abortion Rights


The National Organization for Women
The extremists who want to overturn Roe v. Wade are gloating in the aftermath of last week's election. Support NOW today to help us fight back.
They just couldn't be more pleased with themselves. Here's what the New York Times reported yesterday:
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"I feel like a little boy on Christmas morning — which package do you open up first?" said Troy Newman, the leader of Operation Rescue, an anti-abortion rights group. Already, abortion rights opponents were considering pressing for new regulations in New Mexico, Iowa and Kansas, where Sam Brownback, the Republican governor-elect, follows Democratic governors who vetoed some anti-abortion rights restrictions approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature.
The religious right seems to think a gift of anti-abortion rights legislation – at the state and federal levels – is just waiting to be unwrapped. They want everyone to believe their momentum is unstoppable, and restrictive new laws that erode our reproductive rights are just around the corner.
But we can stop them—and we have to start now! Support NOW to help us block the plan of Operation Rescue and its allies to push anti-abortion rights restrictions through state legislatures before our side has a chance to mobilize. We're ready to get to work today—in fact, we've already started.
NOW chapters around the country are evaluating the changing landscape in their states and implementing action plans to fight new restrictions on abortion care.
And NOW is also working to stop presumptive Speaker of the House John Boehner's plan to bring back a "Stupak on Steroids" ban on abortion care. Even worse than the original Stupak Amendment, the new bill would ban coverage of abortion care in the new health system and impose a tax on people with private insurance plans that include abortion coverage.
Donate today to support our fight.
We don't have the luxury of time to recover from the election results, focus on something else for awhile, and maybe come back to activism in a month or two. I know it's hard, but the stakes just couldn't be higher. In state after state, dangerous and restrictive measures that were debated and defeated, or passed but vetoed, are coming back—but we can stop them by doing what NOW does best.
That's where you come in. I urgently need your help to communicate our issues, participate in grassroots actions, pressure lawmakers and support our efforts to protect the hard-fought rights of women to choose the reproductive health care they need.
Operation Rescue and their extremist crowd may think "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas," but for us, it's looking more like other moments in history where we faced difficult challenges and tremendous odds—and won. Please stand with us. Donate today.
In solidarity,
Terry O'Neill, President
National Organization for Women
P.S. - I can't state how imperative it is to stand up for women's lives in this new political climate. Please donate today.