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Fwd: Stand up to Boehner, Anti-Choice Senator set to become speaker of the House of Representatives


John Boehner thinks he knows what's best for you.

In June, he told the National Right to Life Committee that he wants to repeal the health-care reform law and pass the "Stupak on Steroids" bill.

And now that he's set to become speaker of the House of Representatives, Boehner is making attacks on choice his top priority.

We can't change Boehner's backward position on choice. But we can remind him that any anti-choice attack he makes will be met with the force and resolve of hundreds of thousands of pro-choice voices.

Tell Boehner you won't let him attack your right to choose.

John Boehner is an extremist on issues that you care about deeply.

  • He voted twice against the Family and Medical Leave Act.
  • He voted eight times against clinic protection for women and doctors.
  • He voted for the dangerous Stupak abortion-coverage ban in health reform.
  • He voted twice to deny federal funding of abortion care to survivors of rape and incest.

Now, he's ready to take over the House and take away your rights in the process. Fight back today.

Boehner is joined by a new class of anti-choice politicians. Many of these extremists oppose legal abortion, even for women who are victims of rape or incest.

By our counts there will be 248 anti-choice members of the House, compared to only 154 pro-choice members and 33 members who are mixed-choice, which means they're not consistently pro-choice.

We must be strong starting now. Send a message to John Boehner that you are not going to stand by while he attacks our right to choose.

Boehner and his anti-choice followers have a dangerous plan to:

  • Push the new "Stupak on Steroids" bill. This bill is even worse than the original Stupak ban in health reform. It would ban coverage of abortion in the new system and impose a tax on Americans with private insurance plans that include abortion coverage. (Keep in mind, 87 percent of private plans include such coverage.)
  • Repeal the health-reform law. It's outrageous, but our opponents have threatened to overturn the health-care law, which promises major improvements in women's access to birth control and prenatal care services. 
  • Revive the failed, Bush-era "abstinence-only" programs that censored discussion of birth control.
  • Cut funding for family-planning programs that provide women access to basic health care, such as birth control and cancer screening.
  • Reinstate the abortion ban on low-income D.C. residents by usurping the ability of elected city leaders to decide how to spend local funds.

Our letters won't make John Boehner pro-choice. But they will be a stark reminder of the uphill battle he will face if he attempts to chip away at our right to choose.

We must show Boehner and his followers that we will not stand for politicians interfering in our personal, private decisions. Send your message today.

Thanks for taking action today, and standing up against every anti-choice politician who believes that he knows better than you.

Nancy Keenan
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America