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WEEKLY ROUND UP | November 9, 2010
Catch up on what you missed, and check in throughout the last week to get our bloggers' latest takes on news and culture.


Girl in Field 10 Ways to Girls' Healthy Sexuality
We know that the sexualization of women and girls is rampant. It is the stuff of Ms. magazine's "No Comment" section, eyes rolled at reality television, training bras for 7-year-olds and high heels for infants. But maybe we don't realize the full effect of these images. Here are 10 ways to change the game and help foster healthy sexuality in girls. ...Read More


Keep Abortion Legal Sign A Feminist Lens on the New Congress
With the midterm elections now several days behind us, we can assess what the new U.S. Congress looks like for women in general and for progressive, pro-choice feminists in particular. ...Read More


Boxing Vote No on Sexist Politics
"Man up," "Get your man-pants on," and "Whore." These are some of the finer examples of sexist rhetoric that infiltrated the midterm elections. Though the media dubiously declared this political season the "Year of the Woman," the midterms seemed to be a tipping point for public declarations and acceptance of sexism. ...Read More


For Colored Girls For Colored Girls, When One Blog Post Is Not Enuf
Our first ever video blog! We have had such a tremendous interest among our bloggers in Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls that we've posted a number of their analyses, both before and after the film's premiere this past Friday. Check out what Ms. bloggers are saying about the film. ...Read More

Progress Ur Doing it Wrong No Comment: Opposing Domestic Violence With Homophobia
A new anti-domestic violence ad in Chile tells men not to hit women by using openly homophobic language—specifically saying that a man who hits a woman is a maricón, the equivalent of "faggot." ...Read More


Transphobic App Apple's "PeekaBoo Tranny" App Is an Exercise in Transphobia
Apple, which has a notoriously lengthy approval process for its mobile applications, recently released the "PeekaBoo Tranny" app. This app inserts an image of a supposed "tranny" into a user's photo (always a transwoman). To stave off boredom, one has the option of purchasing multiple "trannies"." Now that's inclusivity. ...Read More


Bride My Big Fat Feminist Wedding
I never wanted to get married. Yes, I was that woman. My mom loves to tell stories of how even when I was a little girl I would bemoan how much more women do than their husbands, and how they were never even thanked for their work. So when I got engaged last year at the age of 29, needless to say people were taken by surprise. ...Read More


Athiest Woman Where Are All The Atheist Women? Right Here
Is it accurate when the media portrays the atheist movement as a club for old white men? When Ms. blogger Monica Shores wrote last week that "no women are currently recognized as leaders or even mentioned as a force within the movement," the atheist community cried out. Why? Because it's blatantly untrue. ...Read More
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