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Reproductive Justice Wins in Colorado


In the midst of some disappointing losses for progressives across the United States, people in Colorado and beyond have something to celebrate: we defeated Amendment 62! Amendment 62, the so-called "fetal personhood" initiative, would have separated the pregnant woman from her fetus, giving fetal rights from the beginning of biological development. Certainly, the right to abortion could have been obliterated, but experts also suggest that this language could have made the use of contraception and even miscarriage illegal. In short, it would have completely eroded the rights of the pregnant woman.  Luckily, Coloradoans will not face the heinous outcomes of this anti-choice ballot measure, thanks to the great work of community organizations and activists across the state.

Choice USA has been working with local partners in Colorado, particularly the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR), to make sure Amendment 62 was defeated and reproductive justice prevailed. In September, we co-organized a "Youth the Vote Training" that brought together young people from across the state to learn about this ballot measure and build skills on how to engage in electoral organizing. Since that training, we have been working with training attendees to bolster their work in their communities. We could not be happier that this work ended in a big win for reproductive justice.

We should take time to celebrate this victory and remember that the work cannot stop here. Anti-choice proponents will continue to push so-called "fetal personhood" ballot measures and other measures that would erode reproductive rights. We must speak out for our right to decide what we do with our own bodies, and vote down these measures everytime, everywhere.  

Watch this video and rejoice that common sense won!