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Sign Petition to End Deceptive "crisis pregnancy centers" that tell women condoms do not protect against STI's, and abortion causes breast cancer


We at the taskforce sent out requests for people to attend the hearing below against fake "criisis pregnancy centers" that tell women condoms do not protect against STI's, and abortion causes breast cancer.  Our past co-chair, Meghan Shalvoy, traveled from DC to attend the hearing. 

If you couldn't make the hearing, you can still help.  Please sign the Planned Parenthood petition below to stop these deceptive anti-choice centers.  

In Solidarity,
N. Jerin Arifa
NOW-NYS Young Feminist Task Force

Thank you so much for standing with us last Tuesday at The New York City Council Hearing in support of legislation (Intro. 371) regulating Crisis Pregnancy Centers. And to those of you who couldn't make it to the hearing, but followed our updates on Twitter and shared with your friends…Thank you as well! Our call for swift passage of the bill was heard loud and clear. But, there's still work to be done.
Support City Council Legislation Regulating Crisis Pregnancy Centers (Intro. 371)
For those of you who missed the bill hearing and the powerful stories told, check out this excerpt of testimony provided by Balin Anderson, Director of Social Services for the Bronx Center:
"…My job is to inform, counsel, and provide support to women seeking reproductive health care services.  All too often I see women who have been misled, misinformed, and manipulated by Crisis Pregnancy Centers. These centers prey on our patients by setting up shop near our health centers and luring women in with deceptive tactics.  I am here today to give voice to the women that these centers have abused, manipulated, and deceived.  Last week, I met with a 32-year-old mother of two young children. She recently cut back her work hours because her three-year-old has autism and requires special services and care. After a missed period, she was concerned that she might be pregnant. This woman mistook the CPC across the street for the Planned Parenthood health center. When she explained that she needed a pregnancy test, she was told she would also receive a "consultation." The "consultation" began with personal questions, including the name and occupation of her partner. She began to feel uncomfortable, explaining to me that something felt "weird" about the clinic. After providing a urine sample, she was told she would have to watch graphic videos of abortion procedures in order to obtain her test results. This despite the fact that the patient had expressed no interest in or intention to have an abortion. The patient was surprised to discover that the staff expected her to conduct the pregnancy test herself using an over-the-counter test from the pharmacy. Simply seeking a pregnancy test, this woman was subjected to coercive practices, anti-abortion rhetoric, and propaganda."
Although this patient ultimately accessed necessary medical care at PPNYC, it was only after the CPC staff had deceived and emotionally traumatized her.
Enough is Enough.
Please stand with us and help put an end to the deceptive practices of Crisis Pregnancy Centers.