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VOTE Today for Women's Rights!


National Organization for Women, Political Action Committee

VOTE Today for Women's Rights!

Election Day has arrived, and the time has come to make your voice heard. Today voters will determine whether women's rights will be trampled by conservative candidates, or if the interests of women will be fairly represented in the new Congress.

As feminists, we cannot allow right-wing candidates (not even the "mama grizzlies") to take control of Congress. These candidates do not represent the women who struggle to support their families on 77 percent of what men make. They don't represent the women who will be pushed into poverty when Social Security benefits are cut. They don't represent the women whose lives are at risk due to gender-based violence and escalating restrictions on abortion.

NOW/PAC endorsed candidates do, however, represent women's interests and are committed to achieving feminist goals in office.

Remember, when you enter the voting booth, you bring with you the women in this country, whose rights and well-being are on the line.

Vote today, and defeat the right-wing attacks on women's rights!

Find out which candidates NOW/PAC endorsed.

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