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Action Alert: Did You Support President Bush's Tax Cuts?


From Greater NYC for Change

This week, President Obama announced his deal with Republicans. There is some good policy in the deal such as a 13 month extension of unemployment benefits and a continuation of middle class tax cuts.

But the price the Republicans have demanded for this good policy is unnecessary and unjust. This policy takes money away from stimulating the economy and puts it into the hands of the wealthy. Even billionaires. It does so at the expense of the other 98% of the country and future generations.

They call them Bush Tax Cuts for a reason. It's how we know they were wrong for America.

A growing number of Democratic Members of Congress are saying that extended unemployment insurance should not be held hostage to tax cuts for the rich. They are telling their leaders and the President to stand up and fight for a better deal. Their position reflects all of the polls, which show 70% of the public opposing a continuation of the Bush tax cuts.


212-486-4430 (Senator Charles Schumer's office)

212-688-6262 (Senator Kristin Gillibrand's Office)

Both of New York's Senators have been making the case all year long that we cannot afford to extend this cut for the nation's wealthiest individuals. Senator Schumer pointed out that to vote for these tax cuts would be to side with "millionaires and billionaires" over the middle class.

They were right then. They are right now. And they should vote that way.


202-456-1111 (The White House Comment's Line)

Although he has said that he will not reconsider on this issue, he needs to hear from those who supported him through thick and thin. Let him know that you strongly disagree with him that this compromise is the best we could do.

We know we've been asking you to call Congress a lot recently, but your calls work -- and this is a moment when many Representatives are deciding what to do. President Obama and Congress are counting on us to hold them accountable.

Thank you for standing up for the change we need.