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Fri, Dec 3: 12:30pm-1:30pm: National Organization for Women-NYS Joins "Vigil for Jobs"


National Organization for Women-NYS Joins "Vigil for Jobs"

When: Dec. 3, 2010 from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Where: Outside U.S. Senator Schumer's office, 757 Third Avenue (betw. 47-48 Sts.)
 Contact: Noreen Connell, norconnell@aol.com or 212-586-3257
To mark the First Friday of the month release of Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment data, the National Jobs for All Coalition will be joined by civil rights, community, labor, and religious groups in a "Vigil for Jobs" in front of U.S. Senator Schumer's office to call for bold and decisive federal action to create more jobs.
"During the last Great Depression, President Roosevelt's New Deal jobs programs not only saved families from dire poverty and despair, but also left a lasting legacy of infrastructure, art, parks and post offices. We need a similar job-creation program to employ 14.8 million officially jobless Americans and 15.6 million who want work but are not looking or who have settled for part-time jobs," says NJFAC Chair Trudy Goldberg. Bill Henning, Vice President of CWA, Local 1180, states, ´The top priority for this economy must be putting people to work.
The Vigil for Jobs in NYC is co-sponsored by Communications Workers of America, Local 1180; Empire State Economic Security Campaign; Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition; Healing of the Nations Foundation (Rev. Dr. James Forbes, Jr.); Hunger Action Network of NYSNational Organization for Women - NYSand Workers Defense League, Inc.
The event is also being held to thank U.S. Senator Schumer for his efforts to secure a further extension of unemployment insurance benefits. "This is a critical issue for women," says NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas, "because the majority of the long-term unemployed are women." Failure to extend these benefits will not only hurt those currently unemployed but will lead to further joblessness due to depressed consumer spending.
Speakers at the Vigil for Jobs include NJFA Chair Trudy Goldberg, whose latest book is Poor Women in Rich Countries (Oxford University Press); Bill Henning, Vice President of CWA, Local 1180; and Jon Bloom, Ex. Director of the Workers Defense League, who will talk about the experiences of thousands of unemployed workers who have contacted his agency over the last year.
Vigil for Jobs will also be held in ten other cities on Friday December 3 or during Human Rights Week (December 3 to 11). Contact Logan Martinez (937-433-8260 or 937-275-7259 or loganmartinez@hotmail.com) for information about Vigils in Dayton, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, OH;  Chicago, IL (with Jobs with Justice); Atlanta, GA; Portland, ME; Columbia, SC; Gary, IN; and Little Rock, AR.