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National Organization for Women News and Action Summary: Obama's Tax Plan, Wal-Mart, DADT


NOW News and Action Summary

National Organization for Women:
News & Action Summary

December 14, 2010


Wal-Mart: Too Big to Sue?

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear retail giant Wal-Mart's challenge to a class-action lawsuit against the company involving more than 1.5 million women. The court will not review the actual charges that Wal-Mart routinely discriminated against its women employees. Instead, the challenge seeks to deny these women their day in court. Read more.

NOW Urges Senate to Reject Obama Tax Plan: Economy Can Be Stimulated Without Undermining Social Security

The agreement reached by President Obama with Republican leadership is the wrong way to stimulate our economy. With cuts to Social Security's dedicated funding stream, it is particularly troubling for women, who rely more on Social Security than men do. Read more.

Support Repeal of Military Women's Abortion Ban and DADT

Urge your senators to vote for the DOD Authorization Bill, which contains a repeal of the ban on abortion services at military hospitals overseas, in addition to abolishing the discriminatory Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. Take action!

Good News and Bad News for Women in Deficit Commission Vote

NOW President Terry O'Neill comments on the fiscal commission vote, including the good news (the recommendations won't go to Congress for a vote) and the bad news (too many commissioners were willing to cut Social Security). Read more.

Urge Republicans to Stop Blocking Vote on DADT

Please contact both your Senators, and urge them to repeal the military's unjust Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy prohibiting lesbians and gay men from serving openly. Take action!

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence: Congress Should Adopt IVAWA

Contact your Senate and House members to urge them to pass the International Violence Against Women Act. This legislation will greatly enhance U.S. prevention of and response to gender-based violence in the international community. Take action!

Pentagon Report Supports the End of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

"The Pentagon survey makes it clear that lesbians and gay men serving openly in the military are not the problem," said NOW President Terry O'Neill. "The problem is Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which should have been repealed long ago." Read more.

NOW Conference 2011 *SAVE THE DATE*

The 2011 National NOW Conference will be held June 24-26, in Tampa, Fla. Bookmark this page and sign up for updates.

Action Spotlight

Urge Congress to Amend Lopsided Tax Package and Protect Social Security

Please urge Congress to reject President Obama's tax package, and instead adopt a stimulus package targeting relief where it's needed most, will do the most good, and won't cut Social Security's dedicated funding stream. Take Action NOW!

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