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Women's Rights Are Human Rights. NOW-NYS Foundation Needs You!


Dear Women's Rights Supporter,
What do you think happens when two thugs meet to discuss the future of women's rights? If you guessed that women lose out, you are correct. Just today, NOW-New York State learned that anti-choice zealot Randall Terry was treated to a face-to-face meeting with the future House Speaker Republican John Boehner's chief of staff. This can mean only one thing. They are plotting to take away women's right to choose safe and legal abortions.
Over the years, you supporters have given generously to NOW-New York State. Today I am asking you to continue this crucial assistance. The likes of Randall Terry and his Operation Rescue bullies are not going disappear. Indeed, they will continue to use violence, threats of violence, and intimidation to close abortion clinics. And as you probably already know, eighty-seven percent (87%) of US counties are already completely devoid of abortion services. 
We also need to remember that just a few short years ago, abortion provider Dr. George Tiller was murdered by such terrorists as are inspired by Randall Terry and company. And at last summer's National NOW conference in Boston, our brave Dr. LeRoy Carhart, the physician who assumed Tiller's practice, spoke of the terrorism still visited on his clinic and on other abortion providers across the country. We cannot let these criminals win, no matter who their friends in high places may be.
When Hillary Clinton spoke at the 1995 Beijing-based Fourth World Conference on Women, her words rang very true: "Women's rights are human rights." And we all know that in order to determine their own futures and to make decisions about our medical care, abortion needs to remain a legal medical procedure. We won this right many years ago, but with these anti-choice thugs working hard, we could lose this right in a heartbeat. 
So please take the time to donate to NOW-NYS Foundation. Your donation is tax deductible, but you must act before the end of the year. Let's start the New Year with a strong presence, including the passage Of the New York State Governor's Reproductive Health Act. You can help by giving generously, so we can continue to educate and lobby for reproductive rights. I promise that your donation will be put to good use on behalf of women and girls.  
Happy Holidays to everyone from NOW-NYS
In Sisterhood,
Marcia Pappas
President, NOW NYS