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Petition: stop the default


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"No cuts. No deals. End this madness now and pass a clean debt ceiling increase so America doesn't default."

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This insanity has gone too far. In just four days, America could be forced into default for the first time in history.

With time running out and no compromise on the horizon, the best way to avoid default is to pass a "clean" bill that simply assures the rest of the world that America pays its bills.

Most Democrats in the House have already signed on to a bill that does just that.1 And more and more Senate Republicans are indicating that they agree that we can't let America default.2

But we have to seize this opening before it's too late. So we're joining with our friends at Rebuild the Dream to send Congress this emergency petition telling them to do the right thing. We'll deliver the signatures throughout the weekend. Will you sign?

Representative Peter Welch has already pulled together 139 Democratic Representatives to support a "clean" debt ceiling increase.3 And even Republican Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell has proposed a plan that would end this crisis without resolving the debate over spending cuts.4

We have a very small window where we may be able to resolve this hostage crisis peacefully. With more and more chatter in Washington about passing a "clean" debt ceiling plan to protect seniors' Social Security checks, soldiers' paychecks, and the good credit of the United States, we have to act now.

But we need a huge outcry if we're going to push this plan over the edge before it's too late. Click below to you add your name to the petition now so we can deliver it over the weekend.

Thanks for all you do.

Daniel, Elena, Adam Q., Michael, and the rest of the team


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