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NOW News: Terry on TV, Penn State, Herman Cain, Mississippi


NOW News and Action Summary

National Organization for Women:
News & Action Summary

NOVEMBER 22, 2011


NOW Urges Penn State to Allow Former FBI Director to Lead a Broader, "Fully Independent" Investigation

Last week, in the wake of the recent appalling Penn State University child sexual assault allegations, the leaders of the National Organization for Women and Pennsylvania NOW called on Penn State to expand the composition and goals of the committee tasked with investigating these allegations. Read more.

Cain, Sexual Harassment and the Campaign Against Women in Public Life

Does Herman Cain respect women? He has suggested that sexual harassment originates in the eye of the beholder, and his campaign has handled allegations against him by issuing a full-on assault on women in public life. Read more.

NOW Calls on Penn State's Board of Trustees to Expand Review Committee; Address All Forms of Campus Violence

For nearly two decades, state and local NOW chapters in Pennsylvania have challenged Penn State's dismissive attitude toward violence against women. Recently, national NOW joined Pennsylvania NOW in urging the investigative committee to broaden its scope to include all forms of campus violence -- including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. Read more.

Birth Control Remains Legal: Mississippi Voters Reject Draconian "Personhood" Initiative

keep abortion legal NOW round

NOW joins women's rights supporters around the country in applauding Mississippi voters for rejecting Initiative 26, a measure that would have defined personhood as beginning at fertilization in that state's constitution. Read more.

NOW President Terry O'Neill on The Rachel Maddow Show - Wed 11/09/11

NOW President Terry O'Neill on The Rachel Maddow Show - Wed 11/09/11
Watch the video »

NOW President Terry O'Neill on Politics Nation - Thu 11/10/11

NOW President Terry O'Neill on Politics Nation - Thu 11/10/11
Watch the video »

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