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Urgent: Four Days Left to Defeat Mississippi Anti-Choice Amendment


I'm resending this important message because the Mississippi coalition has a new ad ready to run. Governor Haley Barbour has backtracked on his support for the personhood amendment. See the ad online. Together, we can win this! -- Terry O'Neill

We're emailing you together for the first time, because the situation is critical. Never before have we joined together to ask for your immediate help.

Our message is urgent. We must stop the outrageous movement to give fertilized eggs more rights than women and girls. An extremely dangerous amendment to the Mississippi state constitution is on the state November 8 ballot. It grants personhood and constitutional rights to a fertilized egg.

Election Day is just over one week away, and we are entering the final days of the campaign to defeat this deceptive anti-woman amendment. Help the statewide Mississippi coalition campaign buy desperately needed television and radio ads.

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This outrageous "personhood" initiative on the Mississippi ballot (Initiative 26) could recklessly endanger women's health and privacy. By giving constitutional rights to a fertilized egg, it could ban emergency contraception, birth control pills and IUDs, as well as all abortions, even in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the woman or girl. It could even eliminate medical choices for women, like some cancer treatments or in vitro fertilization, and could allow the state to investigate and even prosecute a woman for a miscarriage. Undoubtedly it would lead to many court cases.

If this extreme measure passes, it could spread from state to state. We can't let this happen. Contribute now to defeat this dangerous ballot measure. We have defeated it twice in Colorado. If we beat it in Mississippi, too, maybe the extremists will abandon this horrific tactic. If not, such amendments will be on many more 2012 ballots.

Your emergency contribution will be used right away to help purchase television and radio ads in the state.

The members and supporters of both our organizations are working hard in Mississippi to alert voters to the possible consequences of this dangerous amendment. You can help in this get-out-the-vote effort by urging everyone you know in Mississippi -- your friends, family, co-workers and members of groups you are affiliated with -- to Vote No on Initiative 26.

With your help, this outrageous Mississippi initiative will be defeated. Stop this drastic anti-woman state constitutional amendment in its tracks.

For Women's Lives,

Terry O'Neill, President
National Organization for Women

Eleanor Smeal, President
Feminist Majority Foundation

P.S. We know you care as much as we do about the lives of women and girls. We don't have a moment to waste.