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Down to the Wire: Women's Reproductive Health at Stake


We're so close! If we can raise $5,000 in the next few hours, NOW Foundation will meet our year-end campaign goal. Can you give $100, $50, even $25 to help?

We can do it!

Let's not sugarcoat this: The upcoming year will be a difficult one for women's rights, and we need your help!

As you have seen, the struggle for reproductive justice is now so brutal as to include attacks on contraception. Our opponents will stop at nothing in their crusade against women's fundamental right to self-determination.

We're planning an all-out effort to mobilize women in 2012, and we are counting on you to help make it a resounding success! From educating voters about the women's rights records of candidates in key races, to comprehensive voter mobilization trainings, to partnering with allied organizations to register more women to vote and ensure they go to the polls on Election Day, every dollar counts.

Please give as generously as you can; your donations to NOW Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, are tax-deductible.

Time is running short. I know you share my concerns about the persistence of brazen attacks on women's health in the coming year. The clock is ticking! Give today.

Thanks for all you do for women and girls,
Terry O'Neill, President
NOW Foundation

P.S. Without control of our bodies, women will never have full equality. Please give today.

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