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Help me & other Americans not live in fear from racists: some simple & easy tips, including a petition


Negative feelings towards Islam are much more pronounced now than in the immediate aftermath of the September 11 2001 terror attacks.  More than half of Americans believe there are more violent extremists within Islam than in any other religion and that the faith encourages violence against non-Muslims, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll. 

If you don't want me and other Muslim Americans to live in fear, with the attack on SEVEN mosques in the last 11 days alone, please do something about it.  I shouldn't have to encounter racist slurs in front of my home, or be afraid to go into a certain neighborhood or another state because of Islamophobia.  Other Muslims should not be afraid to dress how they want, work where they want or take their kids to public school in fear of physical assault. 

Some simple steps:
1.         Understand what Islamophobia is. Islamophobia is a form of racism and intolerance. It is a hatred, disdain and dislike for Islam and Muslims. Examples of Islamophobia include denying someone a job because they are Muslim, mocking Islamic practices like prayer and Hijab, calling for Muslims to be killed or attacked. Here is one explanation of the term: http://www.salaam.co.uk/maktabi/islamophobia.html

3.     Speak about these attacks to your family and friends. If the mainstream media will not cover the attacks, we must.

4.     Speak up against Islamophobic comments, "jokes" and news coverage.

5.     Learn about Islamophobia's biggest funders.  Remember, there is always an economic connection to hatred.
Center for American Progress released a report that found a group of writers and activists spent millions over the last decade to spread fear about Islam in America.  Almost $43 million went toward financing anti-Muslim campaigns… including proposed state laws to ban judges from considering Islamic laws in U.S. courts, (which is completely bogus since according to Islam, a Muslim has to abide by the laws of the land s/he is living in), … and a general encouragement of anti-Muslim rhetoric in politics and elsewhere.

6.           Study Islamophobia in the context of other struggles against racism. Racism against Native Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Irish-Americans, Jewish Americans and many other groups in the United States provides important information about not only how similar these struggles are with modern-day Islamophobia, but also, how to combat this new form of racism in America.

7.     Join Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and subscribe to their action alerts and newsletters.

8.     If you have questions or concerns about Islam or Muslim, please ask me and others.  There are no dumb questions; it is worse to remain ignorant than have the courage to ask.

For an even better America,