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Sikh American speaks out about the attack against seven mosques in last 11 days


Why isn't the mainstream media covering the attack against SEVEN mosques in the last 11 days alone?  Is it because they are just as Islamophobic as the 50% of Americans who were polled recently and stated a negative view about Islam?

Dalbir Singh Murdered: Another Sikh Killed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

An excerpt:
But Sikh Americans are not the only targets. The anti-Muslim vitriol in this country has reached an all-time high. Hateful Americans have attacked seven mosques over the past 11 days -- some razed a mosque in Joplin, others threw pig's feet at a mosque site in California, some shot paintballs at a mosque in Oklahoma City, and still others hurled a homemade chemical bomb at a mosque outside of Chicago.
Given the Islamophobic sentiment raging throughout modern America, we cannot afford to view the pattern of bigotry in this country as disparate, random acts. While the assailant's intent in murdering Dalbir Singh remains to be determined, the very fact that we are considering hate as a possible motive speaks volumes about the condition of our nation. We're in trouble. The nationwide desecration of mosques and the terrorizing of Sikhs in Milwaukee are symptoms of a larger problem. Determining the source of these symptoms has become an urgent and pressing need.

In Solidarity,