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Help us to protect abortion in Florida


Feminist Majority Foundation - Equality around the world

No on 6 Don't be fooled!

Donate today for our critically needed on the ground and media campaigns!

We're emailing you together because the situation in Florida is urgent. Amendment 6, on the November general election ballot, is a state constitutional amendment that could endanger women's health and interfere with a woman's decision as to whether or not to end a pregnancy.

Politicians in Tallahassee put Amendment 6 on the ballot, inserting politics where it doesn't belong – in a woman's doctor's office.

We need your help because if this state constitutional Amendment passes, it could have far reaching and alarming consequences.

This dangerous Amendment could:

    • Ban insurance from covering the medical care a woman needing to end a pregnancy, even when her health is threatened.
    • Cause a woman and her family to struggle to pay for necessary medical care in the case of a severe fetal abnormality – even though they have insurance.
    • Amendment 6 could even prevent a pregnant woman with cancer from getting the care she needs to protect her health.

We cannot let this happen. We need your help to defeat Amendment 6 – please make an emergency contribution today.

Half of your emergency contribution will go to the Vote No on 6 Campaign, a statewide coalition that is purchasing ads on television and radio.

The other half will support our statewide grassroots work, including our college campus campaign. We need money for paid on-the-ground student organizers, supplies, campaign signs and leaflets, and transportation between schools for our organizers.

We are counting on you. In just the past year, you have helped us defeat an amendment in Mississippi that would have granted constitutional "personhood" to a fertilized egg, and defeat an amendment in North Dakota that would have denied a woman basic medical care such as birth control.

And now with your help, we also can defeat this dangerous Florida Amendment 6. Contribute today and say NO to Amendment 6.

For women's lives,

Ellie Smeal Ellie Smeal

Eleanor Smeal
Feminist Majority Foundation

Terry O'Neill
National Organization for Women


There is no limit to the amount one person may give to a political committee supporting or opposing only issues. Florida state law requires us to report the name, address, specific occupation, amount, and date of each person making a contribution. Occupations are not required for contributions of $100 or less.

Paid political advertisement paid for by Vote No on 6, 736 Central Avenue, Sarasota, FL 34236. Distributed in-kind by Feminist Majority Foundation, 1600 Wilson Blvd., Suite 801, Arlington, VA 22209 and the National Organization for Women, with the National Organization for Women, Inc, 1100 H Street, NW, 3rd Floor, Washington, DC, 20005.