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All The Dead Are Girls


Still applicable:

Saturday, March 28, 1998 State President 

All The Dead Are Girls 

The headline some newspapers referred to the killers in Jonesboro as boys and the dead as students and a teacher. Four girls and a woman are dead. Nine girls and a second woman were wounded. Even in death women are denied their identity. They were trapped, targeted and gunned down by experienced hunters, boys, with an arsenal of guns, "who had a whole lot of killing to do" because one of them was "jilted" by a girl. 

In case, there is anyone who doesn't understand what a gender based, hate crime is...this is it. According to Peggy Harris of the Associated Press, "The Arkansas shooting was at least the third fatal shooting in a school in the past five months. As in the Jonesboro case, all the dead were girls. 

On Dec. 1, a boy opened fire on a student prayer circle at a high school in West Paducah, Ky., killing three students and wounding five. Two months earlier, two students died at a shooting in Pearl, Miss. All the dead are girls. All of them. In one case, a "student" first killed his mother and then went to school and killed girls. " 

Boys have been shot, when the killers were spraying bullets into a crowd, but all the dead are girls. And who among us "girls" can forget Montreal, December 06, 1989. All the dead were women. 

What do all these killings have in common? Boys killing girls and women. The killings must stop. And the media must report these murders for what they are..gender based, hate crimes. 

Toni Van Pelt