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Join the National Day of Service to get the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) passed!



January 14, 2013

Please forward widely


Invite Congress to Participate in the National Day of Service

Speak Out about VAWA and the Value of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services


As part of Inauguration Week, the President and First Lady have called on Americans across the country to participate in the National Day of Service honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Saturday, January 19th.  In the spirit of service and citizenship, we're asking you to invite your Members of Congress to give back to the domestic violence and rape crisis programs in their communities and to recognize the value of VAWA-funded programs. Call or write your Members of Congress, and ask them to honor VAWA through the National Day of Service by volunteering their time at and/or making a donation to programs that truly make a difference in the lives of survivors and in their communities!     


As people around the country volunteer in their communities on this National Day of Service, we also have an opportunity to speak out about the importance of the services that local domestic violence and rape crisis programs provide to victims every single day and how critical the swift passage of VAWA is to be able to serve all victims. 


Programs supported by VAWA provide lifesaving services to millions of victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. Yet despite VAWA's proven ability to substantially improve lives, it has not reached all victims. VAWA reauthorization provides an opportunity to build upon the successes of the current law by including key improvements, and ensuring that all victims will have access to much-needed services.  Also, federal funding is now more essential than ever to ensure that programs across the country can keep the lights on, answer crisis calls, and provide vital services for victims fleeing violence.


Call, write, or tweet your Member of Congress with this message:

On January 19th, join me in the National Day of Service to recognize the critical support that VAWA provides to survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Volunteer your time at and/or make a donation to [NAME OF LOCAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/RAPE CRISIS PROGRAM], and support the difference these programs make in the lives of survivors and in [NAME OF YOUR COMMUNITY]. Your work on January 19th – and in Congress – is necessary to pass VAWA and fund VAWA programs immediately so that all victims can get the support they need and deserve!


Sample Tweet:

@YourRep Honor the National Day of Service: Volunteer time or make a donation to [NAME OF LOCAL RAPE CRISIS OR DV PROGRAM] and pass #VAWA now! 


Tell them how important VAWA reauthorization and funding is to sustaining and improving services for victims in your community! You can also include stories or pictures that communicate the value of the services you provide every day.


Find your Senators and Representatives contact info here:  http://www.congress.org/congressorg/directory/congdir.tt


Action Items Recap – What You Can Do:

1)    Ask your Members of Congress to do service at a domestic violence program or rape crisis center

2)    Call/write/tweet about the need to reauthorize VAWA and fund VAWA programs



Check our website for fact sheets, press coverage, support letters and updates: www.4vawa.org.


Follow us on twitter at @NTFVAWA and "like" our Facebook page http://on.fb.me/NTF_Facebook_page.  Don't forget to tweet about VAWA using the hashtags #ReauthorizeVAWA, #RealVAWA

and #VAWA. 


If you aren't on one of the VAWA email lists or want to add members of your staff or state/community leaders to our grassroots alerts e-mailing list, send names and contact information including email to  ntfvawaalerts@icasa.org.  For more info, go to www.4vawa.org