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Once Upon a Time: Racism and Sexism shouldn't be part of fairy tales on TV show


I enjoy the premise of the show, especially the main characters being female. What I don't enjoy are the blatant racist and sexist aspects. Why is almost every character white - especially in 2013? Hiring Mulan was great, but that's just tokenism. Since the creators of the show have taken so much liberty with the fairy tales, the least they can do is make it a more diverse cast. 

The domestic-violence-friendly story lines are disturbing, considering that 1 in 3 American woman will experience intimate-partner violence at least once in her lifetime. One of the main character, Regina's boyfriend tries to strangle her, and then stops when she says she loves him. Seriously?  They are telling domestic violence (DV) victims - at least 3 American women who are killed by DV each day - that they can stop their attackers if they just tell them they love them. Considering how many young kids watch the show, they really need to do a better job.