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Tell the NY State Legislature to Pass the Governor's Reproductive Health Act


Governor Cuomo Supports This!
The National Organization for Women-New York State (NYS-NOW) I applaud Governor Cuomo for stating bolding and loudly that his commitment to women's equality is on the forefront of his agenda.  The Women's Equality Act was one of the centerpieces of the Governor's speech as he delivered the State of the State address in the Empire State Plaza.  A major focus of his plan is to pass the Reproductive Health Act.

Although New York State has been in the forefront for reproductive rights, for too long women in New York State have been fighting for true equality in all aspects of life.
Women Need Access to Reproductive Health Care!
The Reproductive Health Act has support from the majority of New York State residents (70%); NYS Legislators need to hear from you regarding this legislation. This act, if signed into law, will improve the health of every woman who resides in New York State, giving her access of contraception and safe and legal abortions without interference from the government.
The Reproductive Health Act will put abortion procedures in the health code where they belong, instead of in the penal code.
Governor Cuomo has stated that he fully supports this legislation and will sign it into law when passed by the NYS Legislature.
Contact your NYS Legislator today and tell her/him to pass the New York State Reproductive Health Act.