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NOW-NYS Cheers Defeat of New York's "Cage Fighting" Legislation


June 22, 2013

Press Release

For Immediate Release

NOW-NYS Cheers Defeat of New York's "Cage-Fighting  Bill"

The National Organization for Women-NYS (NOW-NYS) is pleased  to announce that legislation known as the "Cage Fighting" Bill will not pass in  New York State. This New York Assembly Bill 6506 would have allowed professional  human mixed martial arts events in our state. These dangerous,  barbaric spectacles have been banned in New York for many years;  and NOW-NYS was instrumental in making sure this legislation did not reach  the floor for a vote.

NOW-NYS President Zenaida Mendez said of  the matter: "We are very pleased that the Cage Fighting Bill didn't  make to this legislative calendar; and we are looking forward to keeping it that  way for years to come."
Past NOW-NYS President Marilyn Fitterman added: "I am appalled  that our legislators would even consider this bizarre bill, while declining  to pass the Women's Equality Act, just because it secures women's  reproductive health and rights. Imagine, the WEA would save lives and the "Cage  Fighting" Bill would endanger them. What does that say about those  legislators?"
Mendez continued: "NOW-NYS has made it clear to Governor  Andrew Cuomo (D) that this type of so called "sport" would be detrimental to the  lives and safety of women. Violence begets violence, and when we desensitize our  communities to violence, women become the recipients of violence in the majority  of cases."
Mendez concluded : "NOW-NYS thanks its chapters, members, and  the coalition of organizations that opposed this legislation."