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NOW-NYS Decries Reproductive Rights Ommission from Women's Equality Act


For Immediate  Release
NOW-NYS Decries  Reproductive Rights Omission from W.E.A.
It's Our Body; It's  Our Choice!
On June 22, the NYS Senate passed only nine of Governor Cuomo's ten-point  Women's Equality Act. This followed passage of all ten points by the NYS  Assembly. The point omitted by the Senate was the Reproductive Rights  plank, which would have codified the protections of the US Supreme Court's 1973  Roe v. Wade decision (now under constant assault by religious  conservatives) for all New York women. National Organization for  Women – New York State President Zenaida Mendez was "appalled  by the omission. It's our body; it's our choice!" she  said.  

Mendez explained that NOW-NYS salutes Governor Andrew Cuomo (D)  for his leadership on the W.E.A. And she "profusely thanks the  Assembly and all the NYS Senators who supported the ten-point Act. But it  is very sad that we had to leave our ovaries at the door... this is a  profound sacrifice."
The nine W.E.A. components that passed will, among other things,  strengthen existing human trafficking laws, end family status discrimination,  stop source-of-income discrimination by landlords, stop housing discrimination  for victims of domestic violence, stop pregnancy discrimination, and protect  victims of domestic violence.
But Senate leaders Jeff Klein (D) and Dean Skelos (R) removed the  reproductive rights segment that would protect a woman's right to obtain an  abortion prior to twenty-four weeks, or when necessary to protect her life or  health. Currently, New York's law is outdated because in 1970, New York led the  nation and passed abortion rights prior to the transformational Roe v.  Wade decision.
NOW-NYS President Zenaida Mendez urges all conscientious women and  men who live in Senator Klein's and Skelos' districts to "remember this  betrayal on election day. For these two men have told New York's women that  they do not care about our health and our  choice."
Mendez stresses that "whatever disinformation has been put forth  by W.E.A. opponents, the bill did not legitimize the practice anti-choice  spokespeople call 'partial birth abortion,' and simply stated that women could  make their own health care decisions prior to twenty-four  weeks."
President Mendez added: "NOW-NYS, through emails, letters, phone calls,  demonstrations, civil disobedience and lobbying will let our elected officials  know that we are very disappointed the ten-point package presented by  Governor Cuomo was not passed by the our Senate. New York State should be, as  before, in the forefront of women's rights, not bringing up the  rear!"