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President of NOW-NYS says, "Gaming is a Feminist Issue"


June 22, 2013
Press Statement from
Zenaida Mendez, President of NOW-NYS
 Gaming is a feminist issue
NO to Casino Referendum Planned by New York Leaders: legislative leaders have agreed to ask voters in November to amend the State Constitution to  allow a significant expansion of casino gambling.
We say NO!! This is  NOT good for our population as its low-income individuals who end up  spending their hard-earned money. The employees get paid minimum wage,  and nationally casinos are going bankrupt with local governments having to bail them out.
Gambling is NOT a priority  for this state. We already have five upstate casinos owned by Indian  tribes, and as well as nine racetracks with electronic gambling, also  known as racinos. Lets fund our schools, let's keep our state hospitals  open-Lets change the constitution to guarantee that! If our priority is  education, why are schools closing throughout the state and in our urban cities? It was said the NYS Lottery which is gambling was going to help education. Whats happened?

Instead our Senate Republican  leaders and so-called Independent Democrats quickly agree to vote to  change the state constitution to line their pockets with casino  contributions yet vote against protecting women's rights. With the Ten  Point Women's Equality Act they were not voting to allow a woman's right to choose as NYS ALREADY allows that and has for decades. It was simply moving the current law from the PENAL code to the HEALTH code. That  simple! Senators Jeffrey Klein, David Valesky, Diane Savino, David  Carlucci and Dean Skelos  MUST GO!  We will not leave our ovaries at the door!