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10 Most Shocking Things the FBI Has Done Since 9/11


I guess the terrorists DID succeed in taking away our freedoms. Our own government has taken away more rights using 9/11 as an excuse than the terrorists ever could. As feminists, I'm sure we're not fondly thought of. I wonder how many of us have FBI files.

The FBI has infiltrated NOW before.

" Racial and Ethnic Mapping
The 2008 Attorney General's Guidelines also authorized "domain management assessments" which allow the FBI to map American communities by race and ethnicity based on crass stereotypes about the crimes they are likely to commit. FBI documents obtained by the ACLU show the FBI mapped entire Chinese and Russian communities  in San Francisco on the theory that they might commit organized crime, all Latino communities in  New Jersey and Alabama because a street gang has Latino members, African Americans in  Georgia to find "Black separatists," and Middle-Eastern communities in  Detroit for terrorism investigations. The FBI's racial and ethnic  mapping program is simply racial and religious profiling of entire communities."
7. Thwarting Congressional Oversight
The FBI has thwarted congressional oversight by withholding information, limiting or  delayingresponses to members' inquiries, or worse, by providing false or misleading information to Congress and the American public. Examples include false information regarding FBI investigations of  domestic advocacy groups, misleading information about the FBI's awareness of  detainee abuse, and deceptive responses to questions about  government surveillance authorities.