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Thu, Sept 5th: 8pm CST: A Call for a Public Conversation


Update: 9/3/13
#solidarityisforwhitewomen creator Mikki Kendall has kindly agreed to join our Google Video Hangout on Thursday, September 5th, 8pm CST. We are using Google Hangout since it's free, allows video chat, live streaming and the ability to record and view later. Unfortunately, the free platform allows only 10 people to participate in the chat. We can still take in questions via Twitter using the #solidarityisforwhitewomen hashtag. Since we can only have 10 attendees this time, we are going to give preference to women of color and LGBTQAI feminists. We hope to make this a regular chat and can invite others next time.

If you would like to join us, please Tweet at us on @nowyoungfems or email us at youngfeminists at gmail dot com.

If you want to just watch, please go to Google Hangout or YouTube, and search for nowyoungfems

Originally Posted on 8/15/13:

Yesterday the twitter community was asked to engaged in an important #solidarityisforwhitewomen conversation. One of long time our members, @JerinNOW, a Muslim woman of Bangladeshi origin, had suggested we partake 
and the result was engaging in a twitter conversation under our twitter handle in which things got heated. 

The reason we have been trying to build a virtual chapter is to create a space in which we can come together and have such conversations in which we explore what it means to be feminist and a woman of color, religious, atheist, vegan, LGBTQ, etc in other words to explore intersectionality. 
We all come from different places hence being feminist is different for all of us. My hope for the virtual chapter was to create a safe space to start having some of these difficult conversations because they are important. @nowyoungfems is supposed to be a safe space for individuals to come together, learn, support each other and to be open to hearing things we do not always agree with. 

In response to what happened yesterday, we as a chapter would like to host a virtual online panel about #solidarityisforwhitewomen. It is hard to follow these conversations via twitter. The idea being that the conversation would have a moderator and people watching could tweet in questions for the panelists while watching a live stream (assuming we can work this out logistically). 

This panel would have @JerinNOW and other feminist activists on it and with luck, some of the other women who had engaged in the conversation yesterday, not to talk about what is and is not appropriate twitter etiquette and who is in the right or wrong, but to explore what women of color have to say about this topic, what needs to change and suggestions for how, and how to women of color view their relationship with the feminist community. The twitter hashtag brought up many things and emotions that twitter as a space is not set up to have a dialogue within. 

This is also an experiment in how social media can be used towards bringing us together rather then pushing us apart. We come from different places of power, access, and privilege and hoping this will be the beginning of moving forward towards true solidarity. 

From the NOWYoungFems Virtual Chapter