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Scared of Terrorist Threats?


Almost 12 years ago when our government was beating the drums of war, we declared CODEPINK for peace. Today, that same fear is continuously instilled in us, with new terrorist threats surfacing, citizens constantly being surveilled, embassies closing around the world, and more innocent civilians being slaughtered by US drone strikes-- all in the name of national security. Here at CODEPINK we've come up with a list of 10 ways to break the cycle of fear and war:

1. Declare a moratorium on drone strikes.
2. Close the US drone base in Saudi Arabia.
3. Free the 86 Guantanamo prisoners cleared for release.
4. Apologize and compensate innocent victims of US attacks.
5. Go for the "zero option" in Afghanistan: withdraw all US troops.
6. Pursue diplomacy.
7. Stop supporting dictatorships and repressive militaries.
8. Support non-violent civil society movements.
9. Adhere to the international rule of law.
10. Spend foreign aid money on education, healthcare and lifting people out of poverty.

Check out the extended version of this list in Medea Benjamin's latest article. It's not rocket science: if we stop killing people, they'll stop threatening us. If you like this list, help us share it by forwarding it to Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the United Nations. Power concedes nothing without demand; we the people must lay the groundwork for peace!

Onward towards a peaceful planet,

Alli, Allie, Amanda, Emerson, Hannah, Heidi, Jodie, Maggie, Medea, Nancy K, Nancy M, Natalie, Noor, Rooj, Roqayah, Sergei, and Tighe