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Who's the biggest women's rights offender?


Across the nation, states like Texas and North Dakota are passing reactionary laws that restrict or drastically regulate abortion and women's access to reproductive health services.

Proponents claim these bills protect women's health. But they're not fooling us!

NOW has created a special site where you can learn about the worst women's rights offenders — those who are working actively to take away our reproductive rights.

The Republican leadership's anti-woman agenda is so unpopular with most voters that they have resorted to a stealth strategy — such as attaching anti-choice bills to unrelated measures, or using misleading rhetoric to defend their extremist legislation. You can help expose their covert tactics by reviewing our gallery of offenders, sharing the images with your network and taking action today.

Anti-abortion zealots believe they are on the verge of re-criminalizing all abortion and returning women to the dark days before Roe v. Wade. We are going to prove them wrong. NOW needs your help to inform and mobilize voters in state-level elections in 2013 and in the federal and state elections in 2014. Women's lives are on the line.

So who do you think is the biggest women's rights offender? Click here to view the gallery of women's rights offenders and start sharing with your social network.

Thanks for all that you do for women's rights and lives.


Terry O'Neill, President