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New "Beauty Bites Beast" Indiegogo campaign - the clock is ticking!


I watched a part of the following play at a NOW NYS conference. I hope all of you will please help support this film. Thanks.

Ellen and I have started an IndieGogo campaign to raise $25,000 for our documentary "Beauty Bites Beast." To support the campaign we created a video exclusively for it. Here's the link to both the campaign and the video:

The short and sweet: there is a major event happening late in November in, of all places, Grand Forks ND that is the lynchpin of this documentary. In truth, to properly finish the film, we need $300,000… but the footage from the upcoming Grand Forks event is crucial, so that must come first. Hence the $25,000 campaign we just launched. And we've got a MONTH to nail it!

I am ardently requesting that you share this with people in your life who you know are committed to a safer world for everyone, obviously not just for women and kids -- for ALL of us.

Don't just "like" us on Facebook -- spread us! Ask people to watch the video. Ask THEM to chip in and spread it. We need to spread this campaign far and wide as fast as possible.

And of course, if you are willing to throw us a few bucks that you would have spent on a coffee or even a new outfit, that'd be GREAT! We've created some perks to give you some extra motivation.

Thanks for listening, and for your support of our projects over the years.

Ken Gruberman