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We can't let the Government Shutdown happen again


When you hear "women and children first" in a disaster movie set at sea, you immediately think they're the first to be put in lifeboats.

In the real-life disaster that was the Republican Tea Party's government shutdown, "women and children first" was the order in which victims of the shutdown were selected.

For example, programs that support women and children with nutrition assistance were suspended. Women who suffered domestic violence couldn't access services funded by the Violence Against Women Act. The list goes on and on...

The majority of voters opposed the shutdown and especially its disruption of vital social and health services. And you may have felt helpless in the face of this outrageous governance-by-hostage-taking.

But there is something we can do. We can make sure this never happens again. It's time we seize the moment to ensure we're represented by a new, progressive majority in Congress in 2014! Please donate to NOW today and make sure women and their families do come first, reversing decades of attacks on our economic security, our access to reproductive health services, and even our ability to be protected against sexual assault and domestic violence.

Your donation today will help us identify pro-woman candidates, get the word out about what's at stake for women in next year's elections, register and educate voters on where the candidates stand, and fuel our grassroots organizing power in battleground states.

Together we can ensure that in next year's elections, "women and children first" won't mean we're the first ones to suffer — we'll be leading the way to a better future. I hope you'll show your support for this brighter future with a donation to NOW today.

For women's lives and rights,

Terry O'Neill