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Action Alert: Contact State officials about workplace anti-bullying bill


Action is needed now. State elected officials are in the process of deciding which bills are going to be their priority in January, so you should contact them now to tell them that the Healthy Workplace Bill should be their number one priority in 2014.

S3863/A4965 – The NYS Healthy Workplace Bill
This bill proposes protection even for part-time workers and adjuncts. And you don't have to involve your union(s). Unless you want to. More about this later.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver<br />
Legislative Office Building, Room 932<br />
Albany, New York 12248<br />
(518) 455-3791<br />
Contact using web form: <a href="http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/Sheldon-Silver/contact/" target="_blank">contact Sheldon Silver</a><br />

Senator Dean Skelos<br />
Legislative Office Building, Room 909<br />
Albany, New York 12247<br />
(518) 455-3171<br />
Email: skelos@nysenate.gov<br />
Or contact using web form: <a href="http://www.nysenate.gov/senator/dean-g-skelos/contact" target="_blank">Contact Dean Skelos</a><br />

Senator Jeffrey D. Klein<br />
Legislative Office Building, Room 913<br />
Albany, New York 12247<br />
(518) 455-3595<br />
Email: jdklein@senate.state.ny.us<br />
Or contact using web form: <a href="http://www.nysenate.gov/senator/jeffrey-d-klein/contact" target="_blank">Contact Jeffrey D. Klein</a><br />

Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie<br />
Legislative Office Building, Room 522<br />
Albany, New York 12248<br />
(518) 455-4800<br />
Email: heastiec@assembly.state.ny.us<br />

Assemblyman Steve Englebright<br />
Legislative Office Building, Room 621<br />
Albany, New York 12248<br />
(518) 455-4804<br />
Contact using web form: <a href="http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/Steve-Englebright/contact/" target="_blank">Steven englebright</a><br />

Senator Diane J. Savino<br />
Legislative Office Building, Room 315<br />
Albany, New York 12247<br />
(518) 455-2437<br />
Email: savino@senate.state.ny.us<br />
Or contact using web form: <a href="http://www.nysenate.gov/senator/diane-j-savino/contact" target="_blank">Contact Diane J. Savino</a><br />