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Women Living Under Muslim Laws Gazette - Jan 2014 - Into the new year with solidarity!


WLUML Gazette Edition #9 January 2014
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WLUML Gazette

Welcome to the 9th Edition

Wishing you the best for 2014, and a very happy Chinese New Year from everybody at WLUML!
Coming Soon... 

The WELDD Web Portal!

WLUML is delighted to announce the coming launch of the Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation (WELDD) web portal.

Through its leadership workshops, WELDD has brought together women from around the world and created precious moments of feminist solidarity.  But between these times, we must not let this bond subside.

We hope the web portal can be the digital space for solidarity when physical ones elude us.  Here's to our new home online!
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We invite you to congregate at the Public Square!

The web portal's blog section, Public Square will be a place for your original writing.  To contribute please email isabel@wluml.org

 WLUML Highlights 


Meet the Voice of Women Initiative

Helping women worldwide share their stories and work for change

Konda Delphine (Cameroon), Rose Wachuka (Kenya), and WLUML networker Aya Chebbi (Tunisia) have founded the Voice of Women Initiative (VOW).  The main essence of VOW was to collect stories from women and about women all around the globe in a bid to inspire and change lives.  VOW aims to create an open space, which inspires girls and women make choices that change their lives positively.

WLUML Welcomes Chechen Networkers from 'Women for Development'

We are pleased to announce that members of Grozny-based Women for Development have recently joined the WLUML network.  The group take a holistic approach to women rights, involving street actions, information campaigns, and artistic expression. The group recently put on an exhibition entitled 'Peace through women's eyes', a rare opportunity to give women's take on the concept of peace and to encourage their artistic expression.  A warm welcome to the new Chechen additions to the WLUML family!

"Powering the African Dream": An Urgent Action Fund-Africa Leadership Initiative

Urgent Action Fund-Africa (UAF-Africa), along with their partners, organized the Women Steering Innovative Leadership in Africa Conference (WSILA) in Lilongwe, Malawi. The groundbreaking International Conference convened 300 women and men from over 30 African countries working in diverse fields and thematic areas to discuss the role of women in shaping the discourse of 'African leadership' on the continent.  

Voice of our Network

She wanted to see the moon...

A short story about stoning by Rawa Jelizada

She holds best childhood memories with the moon... As she was swinging under the full silver moon 3 years ago, she swayed back and forth so high that she thought she'd catch the moon. That night she turned 12. Early signs of her chest, the length of her hair and her height forbid her to step outside the door. But the moon, the moon remained her best friend. The swing and the full moon were her last memories in the road ahead her home. 

عشرون يوماً

أميرة زياد مالك

تفجيرين لمقرات عسكرية مهمة كان كل مايلزم لدخول مدينتي التي أعشق في عشرين يوم من الخوف والموت والقصف والجوع والحرمان ، ولتدخل المدينة في ظلام مستمر يقطعه ضوء القذائف قبل انفجارها ووميض الصورايخ حين مرورها

Being Nubian in Egypt, and in the Constitution
By Fatma Emam

For a long time, Nubia for me was the colorful Arageed dance, the smiling faces of my  aunts and uncles at our family gatherings, and my mom translating Nubian love songs for me...And then came the 25 January revolution, which had a huge impact on my life. It was the official start of my Nubian activism. I was nominated to represent the Nubian community in the committee tasked with amending the constitution. But after this nomination, I was, not surprisingly, faced with so many misogynist comments, and even the quoting of religious texts meant to disqualify me, only because I am a woman. 


Events and Activities

Women of the World Festival @ London Southbank Centre
March 5th - 9th 

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Commission on the Status of Women @ UN Headquarters, New York
March 10th - 21st

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Cultural Studies Workshop @ Santiniketan, West Bengal, India
March 9th - 14th
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Women's History Month
March 1st - 31st

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Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation Training Institute
November 1st 2013 - November 1st 2015

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Online Training for Human Rights Defenders
September 30th 2013 - June 27th 2014
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News and Resources

Afghanistan: HRW: Women's rights declining 
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Oman: New study shows high prevalance of FGM

Sudan: Nuba Mountain: Unlawful killings, mass rapes, and arbitrary arrests of civilians

Morocco:After advocacy by women's movement, makes major to rape law

Nepal: Religious leaders denounce child marriage
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Resource: Women and Natural Resources: Unlocking the Peacebuilding Potential
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Resource: Violence Against Women in Afghanistan
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