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Victory for Anti-rape activists: Mt Judge Going to MT Supreme Court


A huge thanks to Marian Bradley, MT NOW President, and all others who worked on below. Please see a note from her below.

The Montana Judicial Standards Commission has decided to bring Baugh to the MT Supreme Court.  

Here is a copy of the Formal Complaint filed with the MT Supreme Court.

Thanks to Joanne Tosti-Vasey and PA NOW for partnering with MT NOW in this important fight.

Another huge thank you goes to Pat Reuss, who from the very beginning of this fight, kept me sane and listened to my ranting and kept me on track over the past six months.  Don't know what I would have done without her support and encouragement.

Also, Thank you to so many others...China Forston, Jocelyn Morris,just to name a few.

Where we go from here??? Well, we are still waiting for the MT Supreme Court to remand the sentence back to the District Court for a new sentence.  MT and PA NOW partnered with several other groups to file an amicus brief.

With the case against Baugh, we have an attorney looking in to the options that MT and PA NOW may have in the process.

This is a huge victory for women and children and we are pleased the MT Judicial Standards Commission handled our Complaint with integrity and swiftness.